What would you like to ask board candidates before the June 30 election? 

When all board candidates are known (week of June 13), Crestview Watch plans to interview them all by email. Below is our first draft of questions. What else should we ask?  Put your suggestions in comments or email Editor@CrestviewWatch.org.

  • Why are you seeking this unpaid job?
  • Which part of your skill set will be your biggest contribution to Crestview?
  • Will shareholders be able to have two-way communication with you personally by email and/or phone?
  • In addition to information about Crestview brought to you by the general manager, will you also develop other sources of information and insight?
  • Which issues should be getting priority board attention in the next six months?
  • What are your thoughts about Crestview’s biggest long-term challenges, including drought, water conservation, shrinking groundwater supplies, and additional wells?

One Reply to “What would you like to ask board candidates before the June 30 election? ”

  1. 1 Have you been following the operation of current boards members ? and if so for how long ?

    2. Are you familiar with normal law operation of board meetings, are you a member of another board member ?

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