Why did Crestview not elect officers after the last annual meeting?

According to the bylaws, officers “shall be chosen annually by the Board of Directors.”  The last annual meeting of shareholders was on April 22, 2021 and the results of the election of directors were announced May 6.  Six months have passed and there still has been no notice of a board agenda item to choose officers and no minutes reporting any board action to choose officers.  Why?  Is there disagreement among board members about whom to elect? Sol Chooljian presides over all board meetings, but is he really the president when he does that, or when he signs our share certificates and other important documents?

This neglect of legal procedures is part of a pattern.  As previously reported, the Crestview board unlawfully meets in secret and fails to do even the minimal reporting to shareholders required for matters considered in executive sessions.  What other corners is the board cutting to keep shareholders in the dark?

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