This blog is exclusively for the approximately 625 shareholders of Crestview Mutual Water Co. to exchange information and to work together to improve the company.  Only shareholders may post comments.

Crestview is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation that is required to pass through all costs to shareholder/customers.  Our main asset is the right to pump groundwater in amounts allocated by Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency.  Here are some of the challenges we face.  Crestview failed in September 2021 to get a critical permit for its proposed Well #7, and its proposed Well #8 has several of the same problems that caused the Ventura County Board of Supervisors to reject Well #7.  Both wells are incurring large cost overruns.  One of the two existing wells (Well #4) has become unproductive, and Crestview is buying from Calleguas Municipal Water District larger than normal quantities of imported water at about 8 times the cost of pumping our own.  Well #4 must be rehabilitated or abandoned.  If it is necessary to drill a new well, the site must be carefully selected and the economics carefully evaluated.  Calleguas has called on Crestview to reduce consumption by 15 percent, and is considering more severe and mandatory curtailments, as the drought continues.  The performance of the board of directors and the general manager is a matter of concern.

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