Board adopts new Election Manual to govern annual shareholder meetings.

The Election Manual and the Board Proxy form discussed at the January 23 meeting was discussed some more at the February 23 meeting and adopted with three amendments:

  1. Mailed proxies must reach the Inspector one week before the Annual Meeting (instead of two weeks as originally proposed).
  2. It was made
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Board to vote on Election Manual February 23 at 6:00 p.m. in-person meeting.

The Board will discuss and vote on an Election Manual and Proxy form at its Thursday, February 23, meeting. The Board discussed an earlier draft, as reported here.  The only revision is to allow Shareholders to use their own proxy forms meeting certain requirements.  The provisions evoking concerns that … Read more

Results of the invalid election of directors

If there had been a quorum at the June 30 Annual Meeting of shareholders, new candidates Steven Muro and Dave Stephenson would have replaced incumbents Doug Off and Roger Whitlock.  Here are the cumulated votes won by each candidate:

  • Steven Muro         204.71
  • Dave Stephenson 203.09
  • Alma Quezada      147.23
  • Laurie Bennett      
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Manipulating director elections by controlling whether there is a quorum

Crestview’s July 15 letter says there was no quorum at the June 30 annual meeting.  Only 46% of shares were present despite strong proxy gathering by at least two non-incumbents.  In 2021, when there were no non-incumbent candidates, the meeting was held on time with 56% attendance.  In 2020, when … Read more