Reminder: Pause outdoor watering Sunday and keep it off until at least Thursday.

Camarillo is forecast to receive 1.5 inches of rain starting Sunday evening and continuing through Tuesday.  Our general manager has warned that we need to reduce our water use by an additional 10 percent in the current water year or suffer draconian water use restrictions imposed by imported water suppliers. … Read more

Use your water bill to determine your positive or negative contribution to our drought solution. 

In recent years, local groundwater has supplied 70-80% of Crestview demand, and the rest was imported.  This year, because of the severe drought, we need to rely solely on groundwater and import nothing.  We can achieve this if–averaged across users and months–we use only water in Tiers 1 and 2.… Read more

We are not meeting the board’s conservation goals and not using budgeted funds to get there.

The general manager reported to the June 30 annual meeting that demand has been reduced only 18% versus last year—short of the important 20-25% reduction  goal.  The FY 2022 budget contains $36,000 to achieve the necessary demand reduction, but only $666 had been spent by April 30.  (Reports for May … Read more

How to save water AND keep your lawn alive and looking good—advice from University of California.

We must reduce consumption a little more to avoid very severe restrictions and financial penalties imposed by our imported water supplier.  At least 90% of Crestview water is used outdoors. This excellent University of California publication explains how to keep your lawn healthy with less water:

  • Depending on your type
Read more

Annual meeting plans are behind schedule, as are decisions about the FY2021 financial report and mailings about conservation.

The communications for the annual meeting of shareholders (to be June 30 if nothing has changed) seem to be off schedule.  At the June 2 special meeting, the board decided that self-nominated candidates would be included on the proxy form and their bios mailed to shareholders along with the bios … Read more

Getting Well #4 back online is critical to Crestview’s drought management plan, but there has been another delay. 

The board has asked shareholders to reduce consumption by 20-25% immediately so that Crestview will not have to buy any imported water this year.  By avoiding imported water, we will not have to comply with State-mandated conservation measures like watering only once weekly. However, the critical Well #4 pump-lowering project … Read more

Another delay in the Well #4 project makes our consumption cutbacks even more urgent. 

A delay in the Well #4 project will probably require Crestview to start buying this month imported water that costs ten times as much as pumped water.  This can be avoided only if shareholders immediately get on board with Crestview’s new mandatory conservation plan.  Let’s all adjust our sprinklers … Read more