Shareholder Advisory Committee to meet December 9 to review well site selection criteria.

The SAC will have its first meeting Friday afternoon to review the Ad Hoc Committee’s draft criteria for eliminating unsuitable sites from detailed evaluation and for more detailed evaluation of remaining sites. We hear there are 21 or 25 nominated sites, but the SAC will not get the list until … Read more

Shareholder Advisory Committee formed to help identify best location for Well #7.

Regular readers know the Crestview board appointed an Ad Hoc Committee consisting of director Alma Quezada and general manager Robert Eranio to review and compare all plausible sites for Well #7.  They have a work plan, a budget, and a schedule, available here.  By appointing Joel Brown, Dale DeHart, … Read more

Judge rules in favor of Crestview and other Settling Parties in Phase 2 of the groundwater basin adjudication.

An action to decide the relative entitlements of all persons pumping from our groundwater basin was started in 2018. On November 17 the judge filed a “Final Statement of Decision re: Phase 2” substantially adopting the Settlement Agreement entered into by Crestview and others constituting 87% of the owners of … Read more

Frank Mezzatesta to be new director and president of Crestview.

In the November 15 board meeting, shareholder Frank Mezzatesta was elected 3-0 to fill the unexpired term of Doug Off, who resigned November 2.  In a surprise move, the board then elected Mezzatesta president of Crestview heading the following slate of officers:

  • President:  Frank Mezzatesta
  • Vice President:  Alma Quezada
  • Secretary:  
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Reminder: Pause outdoor watering Sunday and keep it off until at least Thursday.

Camarillo is forecast to receive 1.5 inches of rain starting Sunday evening and continuing through Tuesday.  Our general manager has warned that we need to reduce our water use by an additional 10 percent in the current water year or suffer draconian water use restrictions imposed by imported water suppliers. … Read more