Frank Mezzatesta to be new director and president of Crestview.

In the November 15 board meeting, shareholder Frank Mezzatesta was elected 3-0 to fill the unexpired term of Doug Off, who resigned November 2.  In a surprise move, the board then elected Mezzatesta president of Crestview heading the following slate of officers:

  • President:  Frank Mezzatesta
  • Vice President:  Alma Quezada
  • Secretary:  
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Why are the do-nothing president and senior directors still filling board seats? 

Since the Ventura County Board of Supervisors rejected its application for Well #7–a year ago–the Crestview board has not considered refiling the application or moving to a different site.  Frustrated shareholders have tried to fill the vacuum by forming two ad hoc groups.

President Sol Chooljian told the shareholders’ annual … Read more

Well #8 water shipped to Calleguas cannot reduce groundwater available to shareholders, say Crestview and Calleguas officials.

Last week, officials of Crestview and Calleguas separately told different Crestview shareholders that Calleguas cannot demand emergency water under the Well #8 contract if meeting the demand would diminish the amount of water Crestview is able to pump and distribute to shareholders.

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Next election of directors to be in spring 2023, plus other news about the June 30 shareholders’ “non-meeting.”

The board considered and rejected two options for continuing the 2022 annual meeting so that a quorum could be obtained and more votes collected.  Instead, it decided to declare it a failed meeting and do nothing until next year.  Voting for this were Directors Whitlock, Quezada, and Bennett.  Directors Chooljian … Read more

At its August 11 meeting, the board will consider staff proposals to improve annual shareholders’ meetings.

Our general manager and outside legal counsel have presented to the board an after action report on the June 30 annual meeting and options.  Three options are presented, and we have our own suggestions.  We applaud the authors for assuming the objective is to hold annual shareholders’ meetings that … Read more

Manipulating director elections by controlling whether there is a quorum

Crestview’s July 15 letter says there was no quorum at the June 30 annual meeting.  Only 46% of shares were present despite strong proxy gathering by at least two non-incumbents.  In 2021, when there were no non-incumbent candidates, the meeting was held on time with 56% attendance.  In 2020, when … Read more