Crestview may restrict water use and significantly raise rates by May 1.

Crestview normally gets 25% of its supply from northern California through The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (“MWD”), which supplies Calleguas Municipal Water District, which supplies Crestview.  Because of the drought, MWD is expected to adopt April 11-12 significant price increases, with credits for mandatory conservation measures.

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Shrinking groundwater allocations will raise our costs and impair the economics of a new well.

The “sustainable yield” of our aquifer is only 70% of current pumping rates.  When Crestview’s pumping allocations are reduced, we will have to pay higher rates to import more water, and a new well might be uneconomic with less water to be pumped.

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What do you think of your January water bill?

How much higher was it than January, February, November, or December 2021?  Did you reduce your consumption because of the new rates?  Will you?  How could this rate increase have been avoided? What should Crestview’s board be doing about this right now?  Please comment below.  More importantly, send your comment … Read more

Two more misstatements in Crestview’s latest letter to shareholders

The letter with our January water bills states that the groundwater allocation lawsuit, going on since 2018, ís “directly responsible for 20% of the necessary rate increase.”  To the contrary, 100% of the increase pays for additional water purchases made necessary by the board’s negligent stewardship of Well #4, … Read more

The Crestview board falsely blames the rate increase on the Ventura County Board of Supervisors and “fierce opposition” to Well #7.

Crestview’s recent rate increase announcement was appropriately on a red card because what it says right after the new rates is a flagrant foul–denying the truth that the rate increase was due solely to the board’s mismanagement of Well #4 and falsely blaming it on the Well #7 fiasco.

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Budget approved.  New water rates take effect January 1, but might be changed again mid-year.

The Crestview board has unanimously approved the FY 2022 budget with a few changes from the draft.  The higher rates will not start until January 1.  Staff compensation increases were not included in the budget approval motion.

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Our water rates will be going up by as much as 67% on December 1, 2021—just three days from now. 

The Crestview board is poised to adopt tomorrow (November 29) a budget for FY 2022, which begins December 1.  If the proposed budget is adopted, this is how our rates will change for each 1,000 gallons of water used:

  • Tier 1 increase from $3.65 to $4.00
  • Tier 2 increase from
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The budget and supply implications of not being able to operate Well #4 and/or buy water from Calleguas are severe.

In this prior post, we reported that Crestview may not be able to buy as much imported water as shareholders need.  In fact, we may not be able to buy any water at all and must survive on only what we pump.  Here, we reported that Well #4 … Read more