Shareholder Advisory Committee to meet December 9 to review well site selection criteria.

The SAC will have its first meeting Friday afternoon to review the Ad Hoc Committee’s draft criteria for eliminating unsuitable sites from detailed evaluation and for more detailed evaluation of remaining sites. We hear there are 21 or 25 nominated sites, but the SAC will not get the list until … Read more

Shareholder Advisory Committee formed to help identify best location for Well #7.

Regular readers know the Crestview board appointed an Ad Hoc Committee consisting of director Alma Quezada and general manager Robert Eranio to review and compare all plausible sites for Well #7.  They have a work plan, a budget, and a schedule, available here.  By appointing Joel Brown, Dale DeHart, … Read more

Board set to approve new well site evaluation process with shareholder participation.

On October 27, the board will consider a new, robust, and open process to produce unbiased comparisons of the best sites for our next well.  If approved, our November bills will include a letter inviting shareholders to nominate well sites and to volunteer for a Shareholder Advisory Committee (“SAC”).

The … Read more

Petition intended to ease the way for a refiled Well #7 permit application hits a snag.

One of the reasons the permit application for Well #7 was unanimously denied by the Ventura County Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors is that the project would be inconsistent with the CC&Rs of the Las Posas Hills Owners Association (LPHOA).  In mid-September, eight members of LPHOA petitioned the … Read more

Why are the do-nothing president and senior directors still filling board seats? 

Since the Ventura County Board of Supervisors rejected its application for Well #7–a year ago–the Crestview board has not considered refiling the application or moving to a different site.  Frustrated shareholders have tried to fill the vacuum by forming two ad hoc groups.

President Sol Chooljian told the shareholders’ annual … Read more

Please see the excellent comments on our post on the septic system obstacle to Well #7.

Our post How private septic systems are blocking Well #7–and how to solve the problem has generated comments by two knowledgeable shareholders with different perspectives. We recommend you read those–and check in every time you are online.  We cannot send you email alerts for each new comment, but will look … Read more