Board set to approve new well site evaluation process with shareholder participation.

On October 27, the board will consider a new, robust, and open process to produce unbiased comparisons of the best sites for our next well.  If approved, our November bills will include a letter inviting shareholders to nominate well sites and to volunteer for a Shareholder Advisory Committee (“SAC”).

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Well #8 glacier inches along on a meltwater of money.

The Crestview board has approved two contracts to report on the feasibility of connecting the existing dry sewer system near Well #8 to the Camarillo sewage system and connect adjacent properties to this system.  It has also approved funding a preliminary environmental study by the City’s contractor.  These actions respond … Read more

Our water rates went down September 1, and the board is poised to authorize an environmental study for Well #8.

The board increased the Tier 1 rate schedule limit from 4,000 gallons per share per month to 8,000 gallons.  This is an effective rate decrease for all shareholders who buy more than 4,000 gallons per share per month.  A letter announcing this change was included in the monthly bills mailed … Read more

Well #8 water shipped to Calleguas cannot reduce groundwater available to shareholders, say Crestview and Calleguas officials.

Last week, officials of Crestview and Calleguas separately told different Crestview shareholders that Calleguas cannot demand emergency water under the Well #8 contract if meeting the demand would diminish the amount of water Crestview is able to pump and distribute to shareholders.

They explained that Calleguas’s main motivation for funding … Read more

Well #8 permit application draws City requirements that may increase costs by ~$2 million.

Camarillo has sent Crestview a letter stating that the Well #8 permit application is incomplete and asking it to fund environmental studies, to submit plans to mitigate the impacts on neighbors, and to say whether it is willing to connect properties on septic systems to the Camarillo sewer system.

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Board sitting on the fence about how to report Well #7 and Well #8 in the FY2021 financial report.

On June 6, Crestview plans to mail to every shareholder FY2021 financial statements that clearly do not comply with state law. For the legally-required annual report reviewed by the CPA firm and containing all necessary adjustments and disclosures, shareholders are referred to a website, where that report does not exist—at … Read more

Mandatory conservation measures threatened by suppliers of imported water provide more justification for not selling the company, for getting out of the Well #8 contract, and for a new backup well.

On April 26 the Metropolitan Water District may limit landscape watering to once per week.  That would cut Crestview consumption 57%, and our rates would go up.  A recent letter from Crestview announced the draconian MWD rules would not apply to us if we reduce our consumption by just 20% … Read more

The disastrous contract with Calleguas for Well #8 should be renegotiated in major ways or terminated (Part 2). 

We posted Part 1 on April 10 and forwarded it to Crestview for comment.  No comment has been received, but we can quote from a March 17 email from a shareholder to all directors and the general manager reporting on a meeting with the president of Calleguas.

[We] recently met

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The disastrous contract with Calleguas for Well #8 should be renegotiated in major ways or terminated–Part 1.

The funding for Well #8 comes from Calleguas.  Under that contract, Crestview must deliver 3 cubic feet per second (“cfs”) for six months if Calleguas suffers an “outage of imported water.”  That would be 1,086 acre-feet, which exceeds the 717 acre-feet Crestview is allowed to pump in a whole … Read more

The March 24 board meeting was rescheduled to March 31. 

The general manager’s report for the March 31 board meeting says a supplier backlog has delayed the Well #4 project.  Testing has been rescheduled to May 23.  That may not be soon enough to avoid the need to switch to expensive Calleguas water.

Crestview has received a report on preliminary … Read more