Can we help with your water conservation plans? 

Recently, three shareholders have told us they are considering replacing their lawns with artificial turf, or have already done so.  As we drive around, we see other homes with drought-tolerant yards. What about you, dear readers, are you considering any conservation measures—big or little?  Would you be willing to share your experiences?  Would you like to exchange information about the possibilities?  Maybe look at yards with artificial turf or xeriscape?  Get links to good websites and trusted referrals to contractors and suppliers?  If so, please use Comments to tell us about your activities and interests and how we can help.

If you would like to see more Crestview Watch posts on conservation, mention that too.  You can also email us at with suggestions about that, or about any other topic we should be covering.

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2 Replies to “Can we help with your water conservation plans? ”

  1. I’m looking at smart sprinkler controls and turf replacement using either drought-resistant plants or artifical turf, or likely a combination of the two. I’m currently gathering quotes and have made several connections with turf manufacturers in the US and China. I haven’t yet figued out the ROI. Happy to share information or answer any questions I can.

  2. We also will be looking into drought tolerant landscape, especially in the front and side yards. Our yard is not flat all around and it is my understanding that artificial turf does not work as well on our type of yard, but we want to do something that uses less water. We also have a couple of other things that need attention on our property, so the yard will probably not be the first thing done.

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