Interview with board candidate Dave Stephenson

Here is our email interview with Dave Stephenson, a candidate for the Crestview board of directors. All candidates have been invited to answer the same questions.  In order to meet our goal of publishing all responses before shareholders receive their proxies and start voting, we may increase our semi-weekly publication schedule and/or publish two or more on the same day.  We will apply a new tag, Election, so that readers can easily refer back to all of them.

Why are you seeking this unpaid job?

I am running on a ticket with Steven Muro. Steven is a highly qualified candidate; he and I share the same goals for Crestview Water.  Please see our website:

We need a change. Well 7, Well 8, the ongoing drought, are just a few examples why I believe we just can’t keep doing the same things we’ve done in the past and expect a good outcome. This is a critical time for the company in a lot of ways. I believe my experience and leadership style will help CMW better deliver on its mission for many years to come.

Which of your skills will be your biggest contribution to Crestview?

I really enjoy strategic planning. I’m a best case/worst case scenario planner. I’ve led large operations and technology teams delivering huge efficiencies using process improvements and automation. I’ve gotten pretty good at helping a company re-define its mission & vision and then implement and measure strategies to achieve those. I like to listen more than I talk. I value diverse points of view and finding common ground.

If you are elected, do you expect to serve until at least the next annual meeting?


Have you been preparing yourself for board membership by reading the board packets posted online and attending board meetings and, if so, for how long?

I got involved just as CMW announced its intent to purchase the lot on Alviso for Well 7. I’ve attended most board meetings since the Well 7 permit was rejected.

Do you have transferable experience as a member of another board(s)?

I’ve served on several corporate boards, including my current employer.

In addition to information about Crestview brought to you by the general manager, will you also develop other sources of information and insight?

Of course. This can be done more formally, for example, through regular financial and operational reviews and audits, or by establishing sub-committees consisting of shareholders and outside experts to take on specific topics. More informally, it could involve comparing information with similar companies, creating communities for shareholders to provide feedback and ask questions, or simply talking to a neighbor. One thing for certain – our goal should be to make all sources of information and insight shared, transparent, and beneficial to everyone.

Will shareholders be able to have two-way communication with you personally by email and/or by phone?

Yes, always. I think that’s important for many reasons, not the least of which is to remind us that the board serves all shareholders, jointly and individually. My phone number is (805) 490-6232.  My personal email is

Which issues should be getting priority board attention in the next six months?

Steven Muro and I will give you very similar answers here. We believe the priority issues are:

  • Optimizing current obligations, agreements, projects
  • Transparency and communication
  • Genuine shareholder engagement
  • Operational and financial reviews

What are your thoughts about Crestview’s biggest long-term challenges, including but not limited to drought, water conservation, shrinking groundwater supplies, and additional wells?

Again, I know Steven and I are very aligned on these. First, probably the most foundational challenge is protecting the incredibly valuable water rights each one of us owns. That relates to the second challenge of ensuring those rights can meet our needs well into an uncertain future of legal challenges and potential drought. And finally, in order to do this well, we have to make sure CMW is a well-run, properly governed company.

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