New president opens direct communications with shareholders.

In his first president’s letter to shareholders (included with your November invoice), Frank Mezzatesta has included his email address and invited all shareholders to contact him directly. If you missed it or lost it, contact the office and ask for it. He has assured us he will respond to all emails promptly.

Communications about operations, billing, emergencies, etc. should continue to go to staff at 805-482-2001 for prompt response, but this new channel of communications for policy matters and board issues is a big change and very welcome.

Our previous president made himself inaccessible to shareholders because he said he had received threats against him, his family, and his home. Let’s make sure that does not happen to our current president, directors, staff, or fellow shareholders.  When we disagree, let’s be respectful and open-minded. Let’s also appreciate the fact that Mezzatesta has been spending an average of four hours per day on Crestview business since he was appointed on November 15.

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