Old habits die hard.

At the November 29 board meeting, a shareholder asked for a status report on her October 25 email to the board complaining about the board’s taking to executive session matters that are required to be considered in sessions open to shareholders.  State law also requires that there be in the regular meeting minutes general reports of matters considered in executive session.  President Sol Chooljian seemed to have difficulty recalling the email and provided no response except to say it would be considered–which is the same thing he said at the October 28 meeting.

Later in the meeting, it appeared a majority of directors were ready to vote for a resolution authorizing the company to apply for a State grant for water system improvements.  The president headed that off saying, “We should decide among the board what to do without having it on the agenda.”  In other words, “We should do a backroom deal and than have a Soviet-style show trial.”  This is expressly forbidden by the California Mutual Water Company Open Meeting Act, and it is the same concealment the president pulled at the September 29 meeting about future directions of the Company.

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