Status of three issues we are following

There are rumors of organizing activity for a group to compare 191 Alviso (which was rejected by the County Board of Supervisors) and alternative sites for a new well, but we have nothing concrete to report. Chooljian had shut down the alternative sites investigation in March but announced at the August 11 board meeting that it was being resumed. Maybe there will be a report at the September 29 board meeting.

Information about how many votes each director candidate got still have not been released two weeks after president Sol Chooljian said they would be.  At the August 11 board meeting, one of the non-incumbent candidates said he would like to know how he did in the June 30 election, which was unofficial because the turnout was 4.1% short of a quorum.  President Sol Chooljian complimented him for participating and said he deserved to know how many votes he got and would get the report.  Since then, crickets.

Still no news about when the new, lower rate structure will go into effect.

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