Board reviews timeline for Well #7.

Business Manager Ann DeMartini presented to the Board on May 28 a timeline for Well #7.  These are the milestones and dates:

  • September 2024          Conclude site selection process.
  • December 2024           Complete preliminary cost estimate and site acquisition.
  • April 2025                    Obtain well permit.
  • February 2027             Complete design/engineering and obtain all other permits.
  • June 2027                    Complete drilling and construction.

The schedule comes with the following note:

“The project timeline presented is an estimated schedule intended for project planning and goal-setting purposes only.  Actual timelines may vary due to unforeseen circumstances, resource availability, and scope changes.”

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2 Replies to “Board reviews timeline for Well #7.”

  1. In the meantime, what happens when our Well on Alviso finally breaks down? This “Where to put a well study” has been slow rolled for an enormous amount of time. Who answers for the increase in Water Costs and our bills during this time period folks? MWD isn’t selling water on the cheap. I know I speak for the majority of Shareholders.

  2. Thank you for your comments and questions Mr. Glass. As you probably know, Well 4 (on Alviso) is being rested and will be brought back online as demand increases during hotter summer months. Well 6 (on Crestview) is currently meeting 100% of our needs. As part of a larger capital reserve study, we need to better understand options for maximizing Well 4’s utility, and how that might fit into our longer term capital plans.

    As you point out, our selection of a new well site has taken longer than all of us would have liked, for reasons both within our control and beyond. But, I do believe we have a realistic and achievable timeline in place that is comfortably within Well 4’s current life expectancy.

    I want to be clear about one point you raised: the nominal rate increase approved by the board recently is not a result of our extended well selection process. Mutual water company rates fluctuate often based on annually projected expenses and sales, as have ours. In fact, our new rates match what they were around 2012 so there has been no ‘increase in water costs’ as a result of the continued selection process.

    The rest of the board and I welcome any other comments, questions or suggestions you might have, either at our monthly meeting, over email, or phone. My email is and my phone is (805) 490-6232.

    Thanks again,

    Dave Stephenson
    President, CrestView Mutual Water Board of Directors

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