Interview with board candidate Ron Rieger

Here is our email interview with Ron Rieger, a candidate for the Crestview board of directors. All candidates have been invited to answer the same questions.  In order meet our goal of publishing all responses before shareholders receive their proxies and start voting, we may increase our semi-weekly publication schedule and/or publish two or more on the same day.  We will apply a new tag, Election, so that readers can easily refer back to all of them.

Why are you seeking this unpaid job?

There seems to be some conflict concerning the board and the decisions being made.  My focus will be on rational, justifiable, fact based solutions, within agreed upon constraints, to our existing and upcoming problems, and defining priorities that maximize the greatest benefit to all shareholders.  I have no interest in personality conflicts and will not take sides related to personalities, but I will take sides based on best, fact based solutions.

Which of your skills will be your biggest contribution to Crestview?

Probably my OR (Operations Research) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) background,  state-of-the-art new product and system design, development, and/or review activities, and current focus on water usage optimization, especially for residential environments.

If you are elected, do you expect to serve until at least the next annual meeting?


Have you been preparing yourself for board membership by reading the board packets posted online and attending board meetings and, if so, for how long?

I read the board packets but have been to few board meetings.

Do you have transferable experience as a member of another board(s)?


In addition to information about Crestview brought to you by the general manager, will you also develop other sources of information and insight?

Always.  In fact I plan on contributing to his information.

Will shareholders be able to have two-way communication with you personally by email and/or by phone?

One way or another, yes.  Probably through my Gmail account and LinkedIn, where I may publish related information.

Which issues should be getting priority board attention in the next six months?

Well #4, plus seeking a well location and configuration that I would personally want as a neighbor.

What are your thoughts about Crestview’s biggest long-term challenges, including but not limited to drought, water conservation, shrinking groundwater supplies, and additional wells?

  • Drought: it is going to be a continuing problem;
  • Water conservation: there are things we can do to minimize our water usage, but we all have to contribute;
  • Shrinking ground water supplies: We need to look at reclamation possibilities on our own or with other organizations; Wells: we need to be moving forward on our next well.

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