Interview with Board candidate Steven Muro

We requested email interviews with all Board candidates and sent them all the same questions. We are posting them in the order received. Here are Steven Muro’s responses, received June 27.

1. Do you plan to serve for at least a full year if you are elected or reelected?


2. If you are elected or reelected to this unpaid job, how many hours per average month do you expect to spend on Crestview matters?

Probably thirty hours per month to start. But more important than hours is providing organizational direction. The objective is to correctly staff the organization so that staff completes the day-to-day activities and the board focuses on policy, direction, strategy, oversight, monitoring and measurement projects, and of course, shareholder interaction and communications.

3. Will you make your email address and/or phone number available to shareholders for direct two-way communications on Crestview policy matters?

Myself and running mate Dave Stephenson have already made our email and phone numbers available to all shareholders. We have also published them on our website:

4. In the past year, how many Board meetings have you missed?

Only the last one, when the president asked us not to attend as the agenda item was only “Shareholder Comments”. Fewer meetings would be missed by all shareholders if the board set a regular and ongoing meeting calendar that extends into the future instead of planning one meeting at a time. Moreover, a Zoom, or online board meeting, is key to garnering more shareholder engagement.

5. In the past year, what has the Board done best, and what has it done worst?

The new president has brought increased shareholder communication and interaction and a willingness to engage and answer questions – all very much appreciated. And of course, the field operations team is excellent. On the downside: stopping Zoom meetings, randomly set meeting dates, lack of information (and exact costs) regarding well site selection, lack of engagement by some board members, continuing to defend prior, poorly thought-out decisions.

6. What are your views about the Well Site Selection process?

The original structure of the plan was very good and agreed upon by all board members. However, the plan changed mid-course, which is troublesome, and doesn’t foster goodwill or a feeling of transparency among shareholders. Moreover, how can the board make a solid site selection without an accurate, detailed cost analysis of each potential site? Would you commit to building a new house when the contractor has only provided a very rough price estimate. Wouldn’t you want details before spending your dollars? Each well costs millions of dollars – but some sites cost more than others due to location and the amount of labor and materials needed to connect it to the Crestview system. Shouldn’t a detailed cost analysis be part of the decision process? Of course!

7. What are your thoughts about at least one of Crestview’s long-term challenges, perhaps including shrinking groundwater allocations, additional wells, aging infrastructure, technology, finances, governance, urbanization, climate change?

All are important, however the board must proritize its efforts and tackle those with the greatest likelihood of success. Finance is a major concern, as the board is considering two well locations – each costing millions of dollars. Currently Crestview doesn’t have enough resources to install two new wells. And with more rain forecasted for next winter, Crestview’s income will undoubtedly diminish. The upside is that rain will afford the board time to make solid, well-thought-out decisions regarding many water related challenges.

8. What else would you like shareholders to know about you and your campaign?

Our ideas to improve Crestview and its business processes are well thought out. I encourage everyone to visit and read our ideas. Also, please use the GREEN proxy to vote for Dave and me.

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