Our publication schedule is changing again.

We are abandoning a semiweekly publication schedule and will instead post at irregular intervals only when we have news.

In Crestview Watch’s first post, on October 24, 2021, we listed a number of big challenges facing our water company.  We have been posting twice weekly since to keep shareholders apprised of developments on those and other matters such as corporate governance issues.

Now it seems Crestview is moving so slowly on everything that, at least over the next few weeks and months, there probably will not be enough news to justify two posts per week—and maybe not even one every week.  On our new as-needed schedule, subscribers will still get email notifications of each new post at dawn the day after the posting.

Suggestions from readers about matters we should look into are always welcome, and we will consider guest posts.  Please email us at editor@crestviewwatch.org.

Please forward this newsletter to other Crestview shareholders so they can sign up to receive future posts directly. Click on the Home tab and read earlier posts, or use the Tags word cloud or Search box to focus on a topic.  Shareholders may comment below.

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