Update on Annual Meeting and elections

So far as we can determine, no incumbent candidates are doing anything to gather support for reelection, but two have told Crestview Watch they intend to reply to our interview questions.  We suggest readers interested in seeing candidate responses urge them to do so in a comment below and/or email candidates c/o office@crestviewwater.org.

Crestview staff have put up yard signs reminding shareholders to return proxies.  Early returns of proxies to the independent Inspector, posted today, show we are a long way from getting a quorum.

  • 628   Total proxies mailed
  • 35     Crestview proxies (white) received by Inspector as of 7/18/2023
  • 0       Other candidates’ proxies (green) received by Inspector (no report about receipts by the candidates)
  • 7%    Percentage of shares represented by returned proxies (needs to be greater than 50% to hold the election)

Challenger Katie Teague has been actively campaigning on Next Door.  On June 7, June 8, June 13, July 8, and July 14, she asked shareholders to vote FOR all four challengers and “Your Favorite Incumbent” and WITHHOLD for all other incumbents.  On July 14, she mailed a postcard to all shareholders with the same recommendation.  However, in her July 20 Next Door post, she asked readers to vote FOR her and WITHHOLD for all other candidates.

Steven Muro and Dave Stephenson, campaigning together as challengers, mailed their green proxies to all shareholders on June 27.  In addition, they have yard signs throughout the service area, have created a website, have answered shareholder questions in several webinars, and have blasted out emails to their very large list.  So far they are the only two candidates to respond to the interview questions posed by Crestview Watch.

We have seen no sign that Ron Rieger is campaigning at all, but he was endorsed on Next Door by Katie Teague on July 12 (before her July 20 post in which she asked supporters to WITHHHOLD votes for every candidate but herself).

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